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I have defended my doctoral thesis at the University of Helsinki, Department of Physics in November 2016. I am interested in programming but I also like doing experimental work. In my thesis work I have had the pleasure of working with experimental methods both in the home laboratory and at synchrotron radiation sources. X-ray scattering is the experimental method I have been using mostly to characterize the nanoscale structure of crystalline cellulose. X-ray microtomography is a complementary method that I have also been able to utilize in studying the microstructure of plant materials. I also enjoy working on the data analysis, developing the analysis methods and being able to visualize the obtained results. I have developed algorithms for cone-beam computer tomography and other methods at Planmeca for three years. Other than my research into cellulose and the plant cell wall, I also find nanoscience, neuroscience and forensic science very interesting fields and would also enjoy working on projects related to those fields.


My hobbies include photography and floorball. While I do not find as much time for photography as I would like, I still try to improve myself as a photographer when I have the chance. I also enjoy playing board games and have also had some fun designing a few of my owns for non-commercial purposes. Most of my free time is dedicated to taking care of my two children.

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